Ship Crewing

In any organization & business people are the most important asset; we value and respect those who are associated with us.

Ship crewing is an art of bringing people together of different nationalities, culture, religion and languages and make them work in harmony in a very intense and isolated work conditions. Hence understanding of crew background, their nature & food requirements are vital.

Our Crew Manning offices are located outside Singapore in countries which are resourceful in Maritime Manpower. All offices are certificated with local Government Manning License, MLC & ISO.

We can provide full or partial crew complement according to needs of Ship Owner’s & Ship Manager’s. Our Crew Manning offices & Partners are based in;

  • India, Pakistan & Bangladesh,
  • Ukraine & Georgia,
  • Indonesia, Philippine, Myanmar & China.

Deck Dept.

  • Master, CO, 2O, 3O, Pumpman, Bosun, AB & OS.

Engine Dept.

  • CE, 2E, 3E, 4E, ETO, Fitter, Oiler & Wiper.

Galley Dept.

  • Chief Cook, 2nd Cook, Steward.